Compiling Opera Dragonfly

This page describes how to compile Opera Dragonfly (Opera's debugger for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) and use it locally.

Compilation procedure

You must have Python 2.x installed.

  1. Download the code.
  2. In tools\
  3. On Windows, execute python tools\ -dtsm src build.

    On POSIX, execute chmod u+x and ./

The result of the compilation is in the build directory.

Configuring Opera to use a local Dragonfly

Set the Developer Tools URL to file://path/client.xml, where path is the path to the client.xml file, for example file://V:/Dragonfly/client.xml. Restarting Opera is not necessary.

You may also want to turn off usage tracking by clicking the Settings icon and unchecking "Track usage".

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