Compiling Opera Dragonfly

This page describes how to compile Opera Dragonfly (Opera's debugger for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) and use it locally.

You can also just download my precompiled version - English only (1.1 MB) or all languages (16.1 MB).

Compilation procedure

You must have Python 2.x installed.

  1. Download the code.
  2. In tools\
  3. On Windows, execute python tools\ -dtsm src build.

    On POSIX, execute chmod u+x and ./

The result of the compilation is in the build directory.

Configuring Opera to use a local Dragonfly

Set the Developer Tools URL to file://path/client.xml, where path is the path to the client.xml file, for example file://V:/Dragonfly/client.xml. Restarting Opera is not necessary.

You may also want to turn off usage tracking by clicking the Settings icon and unchecking "Track usage".

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