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The Partner is a desktop computer produced from 1983 to 1988/1989. There were a few different models, all based on the same basic platform, which was extended with various peripherals.

As part of my bachelor's thesis in computer science, I developed an emulator of the Partner in 2017.

The specifications of the Partner models are:

The Partner is the most mass-produced Slovenian computer; a few thousand were made. Today, only about a dozen are known to exist.

Emulator (PartEm)

The current version is 1.6. This is the first version released in English (previous versions were in Slovene only, as is most other material for now). To use it:

  1. Download the appropriate version for your operating system.

  2. Download the data; this includes a hard disk image with CP/M and various applications (taken from an actual Partner with an interesting history), a ROM image, and more. Extract it to the same place as the emulator.

  3. Read the included documentation.

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