Soviet Union 2010

Picture of the DOS version


This game is not pro-communist.
Nor is it anti-capitalist.
Nor is it anti-USA.
It is simply a video game, meant to be played and enjoyed as one.


You control a space ship that's equipped with a cannon. Your mission is to destroy as many USA-serving ships as possible, and get out alive while getting as many points as possible.

The game was created for the Planet Virtual Boy Coding Competition 2010, which ran from May 1 to November 1, 2010. It won the fourth place, but wasn't very far from the third.

The story so far

Some scientists from Vladivostok have invented a time machine and used it to go to back to the 1960s, the time of the Space Race between the USSR and USA.

It worked, but on return to 2010, a malfunction sent them to a parallel universe where the Cold War is still going on.

You're one of the members of the Red Army. Save the scientists!


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