Pale Moon/New Moon for Windows XP

Officially, Pale Moon does not support Windows XP anymore. The last official version is 26.5.0 (available at the bottom of this page), but since then, unofficial modified versions have appeared.

New Moon

Since September 2017, there is an unofficial version called New Moon by Fedor2 which restores support for Windows XP.

New Moon SSE

For computers with a processor without SSE2 (such as AMD Athlon XP and Intel Pentium III), I provide a SSE-only release of New Moon. Use it at your own risk.

The current version is from . The differences from 27.9.4 are:

Version 28.1.0 is also available, but has not been thoroughly tested and may be worse than 27.x in audio and video. Back up your existing profile before running it.

I am currently unable to provide any newer versions. Please check back later.



The following are the last versions of certain extensions for the 27.x series:

HTTPS Everywhere 5.2.21
NoScript (5.1.9 may also work)

The following are the last versions of certain extensions for the 28.x series:

HTTPS Everywhere 2017.10.24
NoScript 5.1.9
Privacy Badger 1.9.2

You might find more compatible extensions at the Legacy Collector dump or by installing the Classic Add-ons archive extension.

Compilation procedure

If you wish to compile version 27.x yourself, follow these steps:

  1. Set up your development environment. (Note: the compilation process seems to use at most 2 GB of RAM, but having more will speed it up because of better caching.)
  2. Get the Pale Moon source code: git clone
  3. Install the DirectX SDK from June 2010.
  4. Enter the Pale-Moon directory.
  5. Switch to the correct release branch and tag depending on the version you want to compile: for version 27.x.y, execute:
    git checkout 27.x_RelBranch
    git checkout 27.x.y_Release
  6. For 27.8.0 and later, additionally execute:
    git revert -n 4b2c1b3
    git revert -n e629401
    git revert -n 7c0acbf
    git revert -n d6e790a
    git revert -n 8c4c48d
    git revert -n 723e8ae
    git revert -n f6c1a6b
    git revert -n f26f28a
    (The reverts are needed to undo commits that break Windows XP compatibility.)
  7. For 27.9.1 and later, additionally execute:
    git apply --ignore-whitespace 27-9-1.pat
    git revert -n 8883682
    git revert -n 38790d1
    (This is also needed to preserve Windows XP compatibility.)
  8. Apply Fedor2's RestoreXP.patch: git apply --ignore-whitespace RestoreXP.patch
  9. Delete .mozconfig if it exists and [re]apply my patch (the .mozconfig file is based on Mercury's): git apply --ignore-whitespace nmsse.pat
  10. For, additionally execute/do the following:
  11. Execute mach build and mach package.

The ZIP file, ready for use and distribution, will be in obj-i686-pc-mingw32\dist.

Previous versions

Refer to Pale Moon release notes for information about changes.

Pale Moon 26.5.0

This is the last official version for Windows XP, from October 2016. You can find it at their archived versions page.

There is also a SSE version (for processors without SSE2) and an IA-32 version (for even older processors without SSE).

Not all extensions are compatible with it anymore. The following are the last versions of certain extensions that are:

HTTPS Everywhere 4.0.2
Privacy Badger 1.0.1

You might find more compatible extensions at the Legacy Collector dump.

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